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Atlas Accounting is a small accounting firm based out of Sacramento that offers clients the ability to take control of their internal accounting operations and systems. This stems from Atlas Accounting’s founder Alex Neverov who has the vision that every firm could be able to adequately and properly account for items within their company. The reason for this is from his experiences as a business owner and seeing many companies struggle to update records on a timely basis.

Core Values

It is the belief at Atlas Accounting that every business owner should be able to succeed and grow as a business as long as their foresight is not overshadowed. Atlas Accounting is a firm that believes in its employees and its clients. Moreover, at Atlas Accounting we want to strive for the best outcome for all parties.


Accounting Services that are offered by Atlas Accounting are those of a tailored variety that clients can choose from.


The Payroll Services that are offered by Atlas Accounting can fit a companies needs from Certified Payroll to reporting services.


Many clients come to Atlas Accounting in order to receive the expertise of our staff in tax matters from IRS Offers to the simple 1040ez filling.


Atlas Accounting as a firm offers clients the ability to have accurate and up to date record keeping services that can ensure reliability.

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