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"As a CFO for temp agency, I manage payroll process for hundreds of people.  During many years I have wrestled with dozens of payroll services. Today, I process payroll checks with Atlas Accounting and the results are incredible.  They save my payroll processing time from a few hours a day to just about one hour per week."
- David Myers"

"Let me say that my staff loves your Employer Self Service website.  Now, they don't need to ask me to change their address or withholding allowances.  They do it themselves.  Your software is absolutely amazing."
- Terry Clark

"I needed a fast, easy-to-use system for tracking my employees’ time and attendance. Atlas Accounting provided just that! Now I know who does what and when."
- Simon Geiger, Construction Project Manager

"My company was too small to hire a full-time HR staff. That’s when Atlas Accounting recommended me their HR Support Center.  I signed on and that was one of the best business decisions I did for my growing company.  I would definitely recommend them to all of my clients!"
- Whitney Ellison, Print Shop Owner

Below are just some of the testimonials that we have from grateful customers.

"When I transition my in-house payroll to Atlas Accounting automated software, it saved me an incredible amount of time for our management staff."
- Jenny Flores

Here at Atlas Accounting we strive to bring you great service.