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For  o​wners to access their financial information 

Accounting Services

At Atlas Accounting, we strive to provide the highest quality bookkeeping services at the most affordable prices possible.  We often find our pricing to be anywhere from half to a quarter of local bookkeepers and other online bookkeeping services.

          How does it work?


Simple.  We schedule an online meeting between you and our Certified Accountant to setup your chart of accounts 

Once your books are in order, we do the work required to keep your information current.  You will receive customized monthly statements with the information you wish to see, including:

  • Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, General Ledger
  • Customer Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation


Access and Support​ 

We know running a business is not just an 8 to 5 job.  Through our virtual online portal, we give you complete access to your financial records anytime and anywhere.  If you have any questions, our highly trained staff is here to support you.


Keeping your company's information secure is of the utmost importance.  That's why we us SAS70 Type II Compliant Servers to make sure your confidential information stays confidential.

Peace of Mind​ 

Most of all, we want to feel comfortable and confident in the knowledge that you have found a partner that is dedicated to helping your business succeed.  We know that you would rather focus on growing your business than doing your bookkeeping.  That's why we are here!

Payroll Services

Your business needs payroll.  But guess what?  You could be doing more with your payroll and your payroll could be doing more for you.

Faster, easier payroll that unlocks insights, improve compliance and integrated toward comprehensive human capital management. 

Payroll is not just about paying your people.  When you consider all of the parts of your business, they all relate to payroll functions.  Now consider all of that payroll data and how it can help you with your business

  • Lower risk of Health Care Reform-related compliance issues and penalties
  • Expertise in employment related tax and payment compliance
  • Vast reduction in time spent on payroll administration
  • Atlas Accounting gives you multiple payroll payments solutions options for paying your employees, including Electronic Pay Card options
  • Better manage your small business cash flow and compliance with our small business payroll solutions

There are even more good news.  We can show you how to use payroll services to help you meet new Health Care Reform (HCR) requirements:


  • Integrate payroll functions and data with Human Resource Management,  Benefits Administration  and  Time and Attendance  solutions from Atlas Accounting
  • Consolidate systems and data to enable better tracking and auditing
  • Accurately track full-time vs  part-time status​

For employers and their CPA's to access payroll documents online

For employees to access  your time clock and document the workday

For employees to access and enter their information

For managers and o​wners to access their customized information on any device​​

For managers and o​wners to access their customized information​​

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